Multimedia anytime Anywhere

This first episode demonstrates the strength of our solution in centralizing and distributing whole-house multimedia. Using our Smart Home Server, you will be able to play your Movie and Video collection in any room and using any device such as the TV, Laptop, PC, iPad, iTouch, iPhone. No need to convert between video formats nor to worry about how much storage your Laptop or iPad has, everything is available and playable on the spot!

Smart Tv


IPad Control of Movie Collection

The iPad is used as an interface to browse through the entire home's Movie Collection and beam any movie to any TV in any room. The iPad can also be used as a touchscreen remote control for the Media Center. The home Movies are displayed on a beautiful virtual bookshelf which gives the user the ability to search by title, year, genre, actor...etc all put together for the ultimate wireless Movie Experience!


IPad Access to Favorite TV Channels

The iPad interface used for multi-room IR (infrared) control of the TV and Satellite receiver. We present Favorite TV channels in logo format on the Automation interface.

Speech Recognition


Speech Recognition

The user can now interact with the Smart Home via voice activated commands. The speech engine also features a state of the art artificial intelligence module which enables human-like converstations with the user. Based on state machines, the speech engine is also incredibly accurate!


RSS and Text-to-Speech

The engine grabs any standard RSS feed and reads it out loud through our text-to-speech program. Now you can listen to the latest news on the go without having to turn on the TV and browse through the TV channels.



Wireless Music in Every Room

The Shifra Multi-room audio solution enables the user to browse through thousands of centrally stored albums and beam any song to any room or group of rooms. The user can also play any internet radio station from any city from any country in the world. This also means that you no longer have to load any music on your iPad or iPod, these devices simply become remotes for the multi-room audio system.


Video Surveillance

The video surveillance solution is fully integrated to our smart home application, the system features software based motion detection and recording. The user can view up to 64 camera feeds per system, as well as all the recodings arranged by date abnd timestamp. The live feeds and recordings can be viewed from any automation tablet or any internet connected device or PC.

Video Suveilance