Companies like Apple have conquered the consumer market because their products focus on how the users experience their phone, the internet, photos, music and video. Shifra Smart Homes believes in extending this same model and applying it to Smart Homes; we do this by seamlessly integrating the world of media experiences with control of lighting, appliances, curtains, security, air conditioning, IR systems, and multi-room audio.

Imagine... Pressing one button that can turn off all the house lights, set the temperature to a comfortable level, close all the curtains, and arm the security system.

Imagine... Your favorite music, family photos, vacation videos and movie collection spread through the entire house and available to experience in every room.

Imagine... Waking up to the tunes of your favorite music, the curtains opening automatically, air conditioning off, hot shower water, and fresh cup of coffee just waiting for you.

The Shifra Smart Home Solution

The Shifra Smart Home Solution


The Shifra Smart Homes software can control any of the below listed systems and is provided as separate packages to customers:

  • Lighting: Dimmable or Switchable lighting systems.
  • Appliance Control: Fans, water heaters, electrical appliances etc...
  • Air Conditioning: Intelligent room temperature regulation devices.
  • Curtains: Wireless Curtain Control Systems.
  • IR Systems: Integrated Control for IR devices such as Satellite Receivers (e-vision, orbit) or Stereo Systems etc..
  • Security: Intruder detection and intrusion prevention systems, such as motion and door sensors.

Home Cinema Dubai

Home Cinema and Home Theater

A Home Cinema is not just about movies, it is about an immersive experience. Our highly skilled team can build a THX certified cinema that is sound proofed, acoustically treated and engineered to perfection. Audio Visual packages include traditional 7.1 system, an Aura 3D system, or a home IMAX system.

Shifra Media Center

Running our customized software and connected to the Television, Shifra Media Centers are designed to fit into any room and provide the end-user with access to centralized media as well as an interface to control the Installed Smart Home Systems. Our Media Centers come with built in support for high definition (HD) media and a DVD player with the option to upgrade to Blue Ray.


Media Center Remote Control

Media Center Remotes provide the home owner means to view and experience the centralized media on the Shifra Media Center. In addition, these remote also control the Installed Smart Home Systems (lights, appliances, etc...). Available in several packages, ranging from basic media center control to advanced universal touch screen panels that can be used to control the Shifra Smart Home System and also to replace existing remotes used for TV, Receivers, Stereos, etc.

Multi-Room Audio

Having to dock an iPod or attach a cable from an MP3 player to your stereo system is history. Shifra Smart Homes offers a unique way to control music across the entire house. The home owner will be able to play any playlist or even internet radio stations wirelessly and in any room!

Video Surveilance

Video Surveillance

Integrated into the Shifra Smart Homes software and available to view from any media center, wireless controller or mobile device, are video surveillance camera feeds used to monitor specific areas of your home and help you keep an eye on areas such as entrances or the children's play area.

Shifra Wireless Controllers

Wireless Controllers provide the home owner an alternative way to control the installed Smart Home Systems. Available in many packages, the home owner can select from a wide range of brilliant solutions such as the Apple iTouch or the Apple iPad.

wireless Controller