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Shifra Smart Homes release the first episode of TECHBites

Dubai (December 2, 2010) – On Friday, November 19th Shifra Smart Homes released the first episode of TECHBites, titled “Multimedia anytime anywhere”. Managing Partner Hadi Esper believes that the videos are a unique tool through which Shifra Smart Homes can reinforce their presence and showcase their strength in generating innovative ideas that can improve the quality of life in a single household.

Esper came up with the idea of releasing short videos, or TECHBites, to give customers a closer look at the various features available in the Shifra Smart Home solution. These one minute videos will be released once a month and each episode of TECHBites will display the advantages of a specific feature and the different ways it could be used in a home.

“This series of episodes are made to demonstrate the live application of our products in a real home environment,” said Esper.

The first episode of TECHBites, “Multimedia Anytime Anywhere” displayed how the consumer will able to watch videos or movies from multiple devices they have available in their home.

Esper added, “Whether from the TV or from an iPhone, people can watch their favorite TV shows or music videos without having to transfer the files from one device to the other.”

The videos are not only intended to demonstrate how the Shifra Smart Homes solution operates, but they also emphasize the benefits of having this solution in the household. According to Managing Partner Ahmad Al Khatib, aside from exhibiting how the technology can be utilized in a home, TECHBites also show how technology can help solve day to day problems people experience.

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