The Shifra Smart Homes Media Center

The Shifra Smart Homes Media Center is a state of the art entertainment platform that is focused on user experience and content representation on the TV.

Connected to each TV in the home, this system will allow for detailed visual representation of the in-home multimedia content including Movies, TV Series, Home Videos, Music, and Pictures.

The Shifra Smart Homes Media Center highly differs from the conventional consumer media center through its unique features and superb visual representation of content; the following sections explore each of its feature categories.

Hardware Capabilities

  • Connects to the TV via a single HDMI v1.3
  • Built-in Blue-ray and DVD Player
  • Revolutionary Wireless Keyboard/Touchpad. The keyboard buttons’ lights turn off and the device becomes a wireless touch/mouse
  • 640GB of built in storage, expandable using any external storage or NAS (up to 35TB)

Acer Revo

Movie Collection Management

Once a movie is downloaded onto the system, all visual content and data is automatically downloaded from a central database, this includes:

  • Movie Front Cover
  • High Resolution Background Image
  • Running time
  • Link to YouTube Trailer
  • Genres
  • Release Date
  • Parental Rating
  • Description/Synopsis
  • List of actors, crew, and director
  • Pictures and biographies of all cast and crew

Browsing and Searching Capabilities

  • Sorting Movies according by title, rating, runtime, production year, parental rating, watched/unwatched
  • Filtering Movies according to a specific genre, rating, runtime, production year, parental rating, watched/unwatched
  • Viewing of all movie details (production year, ratings, genres, synopsis…etc.) with a high resolution background image
  • The “Similar Movies” feature automatically lists all movies in the collection with similar genres
  • Listing of all cast and crew along with their pictures and biographies
  • Viewing of all other movies in the collection that a specific director also directs or an actor stars in
  • Searching for any specific title, actor or director

TV Series Collection Management

Once a TV show and its episodes are downloaded unto the system, all visual content and data is automatically downloaded from a central database, this includes:

  • TV Series Front Cover
  • Front Cover for each Season
  • Episode image
  • Release Date
  • Description/Synopsis
  • List of actors, guest actors, crew, and director (with search capability)

Music Library

  • Album cover representation for each album
  • Compatible with Windows media player formatting
  • Viewing of music collection by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, composers, years
  • Creating and managing playlists from the Media Center TV interface
  • While playing any song, a beautiful scrolling rendering of all album art will be displayed in the background

Picture Library

  • Organization of photos by album folder, date, or personal rating
  • Direct on screen scrolling or running of picture slideshow for viewing

Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Integration

The Apple iOS application the fastest, easiest and most impressive way to keep track of the movie collection. Viewing and browsing is incredibly easy through the capability to sort and filter according to any criteria from the existing content. Once a movie is chosen, the application will automatically order the Media Center to play the content on the TV and the iPad/iPhone/iPod transforms into a touch remote!

Remote Control

Can be remotely controlled from any of the following devices:

  • Built-in wireless keyboard and track pad
  • Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone
  • Handheld Infrared Remote (optional upgrade)
  • Home Automation System or any Universal IR remote control

3rd Party Programs

The Media Center runs on a Windows 7 operating system, and thus has the capability to run any 3rd party application in the background. The most popular application installed by Shifra Smart Homes is Skype, which allows friends and family to interact with the home owner through a video conference which they are sitting on their couch and enjoying their Media Center experience.

Note that a Skype upgrade will be required and a high definition web camera is required with a wide angle view and long range in order to allow for video conferencing from a distance in a living room. Shifra Smart Homes, recommends the Logitech C910 HD Camera.

Home Automation Integration

If the Shifra Media Center is installed in a Smart Home running the Shifra Home Automation Solution, the Media Center will also sport an interface for full house control right from the TV.