Home Cinema and Home Theater Dubai

Our highly skilled team can take care of your entire project from idea conception, to the build-up, to the complete execution. We design bespoke interiors for dedicated cinemas, sound proof and acoustically treat your room for optimal sound, and state of the art audio visual system.

We view our designs as an immersive experience. Our THX certified engineers will ensure you get the best out of your Home Cinema in Dubai. Our design packages including AV systems that range from the traditional 7.1 surround sound system, to the newest technologies like 4K projection, Dolby Atmos, Aura 3D, or IMAX.

Cinema Seating

  • Bespoke Home Cinema Chairs from Cineak, Hand-made in Belgium
  • Dual Motorization and 4DX support
  • A wide range of various leather qualities are available
  • Custom seats with onyx or wood are also available

Cineak Home Cinema Chairs

Acoustic Treatment

Treating the room acoustically plays a vital role in optimizing the cinema experience

  • Eliminates Echo
  • Reduces Multiple Sound Reflections
  • Optimizes Sound for the Room and its Listeners

Cinema Screen

  • Micro-perforated Screens hide the front speakers
  • High ambient light rejection
  • Designed to meet meet the strictest color and white field uniformity standards


With a focus on image quality and projecting video in the same way the movie director intended you to watch

  • Native 4K resolution for lifelike pictures
  • See deeper blacks with 4K SXRD panels
  • High dynamic contrast for stunning realism
  • Smooth motion with high frame rate generation and Motionflow technology

High End Audio

Our partnerships with the top audio manufactures enables us to design the ultimate immersive home theater experience

  • Immersive surround sound experience
  • New technologies like Aura 3D
  • Discretely designed and installed behind acoustic wall fabric
  • High power output solutions with smooth, distortion-less audio quality
  • One of our preferred brands, the Bowers & Wilkins CT700 Series represents nothing less than a revolution in design, life-like and powerful sound replication